We are always in search of early-career scientists and secondary teachers to collaborate with us on lesson plan development. Currently, we are developing and field testing lesson plans for all core topics in high school biology, chemistry, and physics. Please reach out with any questions and sign up for our mailing list so that you can be among the first to learn about opportunities to get involved!


Become a BiteScientist

We are always looking for educators and researchers to join the BiteScis team!  The first step in becoming a BiteScientist is to attend a workshop which will kick-start what we hope will be lasting relationships between educators and researchers. Through these partnerships educators will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research from the scientists on the front lines and researchers will learn how to translate their work for a K–12 audience.

Subscribe to our mailing list (at right) to stay informed about all things BiteScis including workshop opportunities. We are currently recruiting in the Boston-area but hope to expand throughout Massachusetts and the country as we continue to grow. We are also planning to try out virtual workshops to be able to bring more people into the BiteScis family.


Evaluate Our Lessons (study underway)

We love data. Nothing would make us happier than to be able to say we have evidence that our lessons help to improve student outcomes and attitudes about science. To that end, we had about a dozen teachers use a few of our evolution lessons and to administer pre and post tests for our pilot evaluation study this year. We are analyzing the data now and will share results as soon as we have them. We may do another study in the future, too! So watch this space…

Beta Test Our Lessons

Here at BiteScis, we pride ourselves on listening to our users and to ensuring that everything we put out is as polished and easy-to-use as possible. Before earning the “Classroom Tested!” label, each BiteScis lesson is…well, tested in a classroom. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating on a “Beta Test Me!” lesson. It’s easy: Once given the go-ahead, use the lesson plan in your classroom and complete a feedback form, letting us know how it went. We’re interested in what worked/didn’t work, how well it engaged your students, how easy (or difficult, but hopefully not) you found it to implement, that kind of thing. In exchange for your thoughts, we’ll send you BiteScis swag as a thank you!

Use Our Lessons

We want our lesson plans to reach students. Please search our lesson plan database and find material that interests you. We provide lesson plans in both PDF and Google doc format so you can make your own copy and edit it to suit you needs.  If you have tried one of our lessons, please let us know how it went. We continually update our lessons according to feedback from our users.


Signing up for our mailing list ensures you are among the first to know about upcoming workshops, paid beta testing opportunities, and new lessons! You can expect about 4–6 emails a year.

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