Classroom-tested, scientist approved

Here at BiteScis, our goal is to bring modern science research into the K–12 classroom. We create and share awesome and easy-to-use science lesson plans that are developed in partnerships between K–12 educators and early career STEM researchers. The science is spot-on, cutting-edge, and fun while the lesson plans are classroom-tested and tied to curriculum standards. What more could you want?

Our Story

BiteScis was conceived of  by a group of scientists and communicators who met through ComSciCon. ComSciCon began in 2013 and is a series of communicating science workshops organized by graduate students for graduate students. In addition to their national workshop, the community has expanded to include local franchises across the country. Over the several years, the BiteScis organizers have hosted a Saturday K–12 session at the ComSciCon National workshops before expanding to host their own programming. Based on research and national STEM performance, we saw a need to unite educators and researchers as equal partners in the quest to engage and excite students while improving learning outcomes. For more on this, see Why Bitescis?

BiteScientist Educators


BiteScis lesson plans work well in the classroom because they are developed by people who know classroom needs and constraints like the back of their whiteboard. Our educators are the backbone of the program. From initial stages to final classroom testing, nothing gets the BiteSci’s stamp of approval without going through these toughest of critics first.

BiteScientist Researchers

BiteScientist researchers come from all different backgrounds, but have one thing in common:, a love for science and desire to share it with the world. Much of our network comes from ComSciCon alums and our workshops co-hosted with ComSciCon every year, but we are always accepting new BiteScientist researchers onto our team.

Our Team

BiteScis was formed in 2015 by Cara Battersby, Stephanie Keep, Erica Kimmerling, and Shannon Morey, a group of scientists and communicators who met through ComSciCon. Everyone brings something different to the table, but together, we are an unstoppable machine for science education. We are fortunate to be advised by a group of incredibly talented and experienced individuals from all corners of the science education landscape.

Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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