Science Research
for the Classroom

BiteScis lessons are..

  • Completely free and fully editable
  • Classroom-tested
  • Tied to curriculum standards
  • Written in collaborations between BiteScientist researchers and teachers
  • Inspiring, engaging, accessible, one-of-a-kind


BiteScis sparks interest in scientific research by connecting what students learn in the classroom to the questions scientists are currently pursuing, whether in the lab or the field; through a microscope, telescope, or the circuits of a supercomputer. And since they’re classroom-tested, free, editable, and tied to standards, they are easy to incorporate into your classroom.

Why BiteScis?

BiteScis lesson plans make current scientific research accessible and easy to integrate into any high school curriculum. Every standards-aligned lesson plan is conceived of, written, and vetted by experienced classroom educators and early career researchers.

We are currently developing lesson plans for topics in high school biology, chemistry, and physics, and we hope to expand into other levels soon. Take a look at current lesson library to get a feel for what BiteScis is all about, and if you like what you see, join us! We need educators to try out our existing lessons and we need educators and researchers to work on new ones!

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