erica-palma-kimmerlingErica Palma Kimmerling, Founder and Director of Operations

Erica holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Tufts and is the a Hellman Fellow in Science and Technology Policy at the American Academy of Arts and Sciences working on their Public Face of Science project. Besides doing research on infectious and hereditary kidney diseases, she has played a major leadership role in ComSciCon for the past four years. 

Stephanie Keep, Founder and Director of Content Development 

Stephanie is a jack of all trades, with a masters in evolutionary biology from Harvard, and a decade of experience with educational publishing, curriculum development, and assessment. Seriously, she is like the free spot on the “science education” bingo card, she’s done it all. She collaborates with scientists and teachers, or as she would say “researchers and educators, they’re all scientists!”

Shannon Morey, Founder and Director of Education

Shannon is our resident teacher (so you know we’re not a bunch of hacks), rocking high school physics, robotics and coding at Abbott Lawrence Academy in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Shannon also boasts a Master’s degree in chemistry from MIT and a number of leadership roles in science education, including her work co-founding and co-leading ComSciCon

Cara Battersby, Founder and Academic Liason

Cara didn’t realize school was supposed to end and just keeps coming back. She received her PhD in astrophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is now an assistant professor of physics at the University of Connecticut. She spends a lot of her time studying how stars are born in the center of our Galaxy, developing a new mission with NASA (in spaaaace!), and secretly wants to be Carl Sagan when she grows up. Cara believes equal access to education is the recipe for a better world.

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