Every BiteScis lesson has two components: A “Bite” and an activity. The Bite is is a one-two page write-up that makes areas of active science research accessible to a student audience. Bites may be integrated into an activity or serve as a launching pad. The activities themselves vary from a traditional “wet lab” to an old-fashioned  minds-on Q&A with everything in between. Some activities require computers or specialized equipment, but many don’t, and those that do often come with modification suggestions to make them workable in any setting. Oh! And one last thing–all BiteScis lessons come with extensive educator documents with background, standards alignments, learning objectives, teaching tips, and of course, the answers.

More Lesson Plans Coming Soon!

We are currently developing lesson plans for several high school topics, including: evolution and cells (biology); bonding (chemistry); forces, momentum, and waves (physical science). Take a look at our prototype lesson to get a feel for what BiteScis is all about, and if you like what you see, join us! We need educators to try out our in-progress lessons and we need educators and researchers to work on new ones! We hope to expand quickly, first to all major topics in high school biology, chemistry, and physics, and then to middle and elementary science.

Using BiteScis in the Classroom

There are many ways to use BiteScis lesson plans in the classroom. We have developed instructional materials for all of our Bites. These materials vary from in depth labs to independent analysis questions. We understand that teachers face many pressures. From time limitations to school priorities, each teaching situation is unique. We encourage you to make lesson plans your own and contact us if you found something worked really well or you have a suggestion for improvement. Each Bite is also available separated from a lesson plan. Feel free to use these as supplemental readings for your classes, integrate them into homework assignments, do what works best for your students!

BiteScis has opted not to require a log in to make your lives simpler. As such, resourceful students will be able to find our answer keys. To maintain the authenticity of the lesson, we suggest limiting for-a-grade homework. If you need out of class time to complete the lesson, reading the Bite and taking notes is a good option. If you are assigning questions for a graded score, consider making changes to the student documents such as removing the BiteScis logo and/or changing the names of the documents.

Here There!

If you have any question, send us an email and we'll get back to you, soon.

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