BiteScis is honored to have the following people on our advisory board, with expertise across all of the major facets of K–12 informal and formal education in addition to science communication and engagement as well as connecting with the Big Questions. Our advisory board includes:

Jessica Bean, Post-Doc at UCMP and UC Davis;

Laura Bonetta, Director of Educational Media at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute;

Pauline Davies Professor of Practice and Director of Research at Arizona State University, Radio Science Journalist;

John Durant, MIT Museum Director and Adjunct Professor in the Science, Technology & Society Program; Alyssa Goodman, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University;

Joe Levine, Science Educator and Co-Author of the high school textbook Biology ;

Ken Miller, Professor of Biology, Brown University and Co-Author of the high school textbook Biology;

Briana Pobiner, Research Scientist and Museum Educator at the Smithsonian Institution;

Jeff Rozelle, Director of Fellows Programs at the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation;

John Steele, Publisher and Editorial Director at Nautilus Magazine; and

Tom Tracy, Professor of Philosophy at Bates College.

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