Here at BiteScis, our goal is to make it easy for teachers to share exciting, creative, and authentic science research with their students. Each of our lessons is developed by an educator and researcher partnership and has been tested in classrooms just like yours.

Every BiteScis lesson has two components: A “Bite” and an activity. The Bite is a brief reading that makes a slice science research understandable to students. Bites are available separated from lessons so they can be used in a varity of ways (science and technical texts, anyone?). As part of the lessons, they may introduce an activity or be completely integrated. The activities themselves vary from traditional “wet lab” to minds-on Q&A with everything in between.

We designed our lessons to be as easy-as-possible to implement. If you’re looking for labs that take weeks, lessons that aren’t tied to a required topic, or activities that require a long list of specialized materials, you will be disappointed. But if you’re on the hunt for high-quality, fully editable, free, and standards-aligned lessons that engage students and tie to current research all in 1–2 class periods, take a look and what we have to offer–we think you’ll like it.

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